Shulk 101
Backslash Sponsorship


The Backslash Sponsorship is a community sponsorship created by the Shulk Discord in order to help Shulk mains travel to tournaments. You can help out a fellow bronado today by donating money to the cause. The way this sponsorship will work is to serve as a pool of funds available for notable Shulk mains to travel to tournaments normally not reachable to them. At the moment, the players who will be supported by these funds include Nicko (SoCal), Tremendo Dude (Florida), and Darkwolf (Montréal, Québec). 

This sponsorship will be organized by several projects for the individual players– they contact us about a tourney they would like to go to, and we set up a goal to help them reach this tournament. Any excess money raised during a given project will be pooled and directly fund the next project.

Don’t think we’ll just take your money without our own way of saying thanks, though! Look at our super rad reward system below to see what you can get for opening your heart to the ones who need your support. Feel free to donate as much as you want to receive a multitude of rewards as many times as you desire!


As a thank-you for contirbuting funds towards the Backslash Sponsorship, the Shulk Discord Admins and Monadorators have several different services and perks that you can "purchase" with your donation. These are not donation levels, but simply different services that you could choose to take with your donation. As an example, if you donated $20, you could choose to  recieve a 1 hour streamed lesson with Tremendo Dude, or choose to have a Custom Migaga command made and have Sparknomad sing you 1 minute of tunes ($5 + $15). The benefits are as follows:

  • $2 - Mod or Admin Personalized Voice Message
    Up to 30 seconds recording of any mod saying anything you want them to say for up to thirty seconds. Anything goes so long as the mod personally feels comfortable with the script you have for them. A-anything goes…. Nyyaaaa... We can say that if you want. (Throwing up another $3 will bring background music to the recording and throwing up another $2 will allow you to select another mod to join in on the voice recording!)
  • $5 - 1 month of custom role colour in the Shulkcord
    Any color in the goddamn hex sphere is yours for a month. A nice way to help out if you don’t have much cash.
  • $5 - Custom Migaga command in the Shulkcord
    Ever thought to yourself "man this would be a great command", but the mods were too much of a grouch to oblige? Now's your chance to fulfil your dreams– request a command (text or image) with any handle not already claimed, so long as it is still appropriate for the discord. Be warned that abuse or spam of this command will still be not tolerated
  • $10 - Analysis of Smash 4 Set of your Choice
    You will also receive in-depth feedback and tips on how to improve, written for you in a nice google doc with timestamps and everything! When the whole squad is eyeballin your set you can rest assured you’ll come out with tips that’ll make you an overall better player! While this is available for all Smash 4 characters, keep in mind the mods will have the most insight into sets featuring you playing Shulk.
  • $15 - 1 minute song sang by Sparnkomad
    Sparknomad will sing any tune for you for up to a minute. A beautiful moe MP3 that you will be able to jam to whenever you need that little push in your life.
    Maximum 5 slots at a time.
  • $20 - Streamed and Commentated BO5 set against the Admin or Mod of your choice
    That’s right. Choose any mod and duke it out with them for fun (bragging rights if you’re about that life heh) and get feedback on how things went down. Sounds super sweet. Slots will depend on Admin / Moderator availability. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE??
  • $20 – 1HR STREAMED personal lesson from Tremendo Dude
    He’ll go over anything you want him to from neutral to how to reclaim the advantaged state once you’ve lost it. An amazing opportunity from an amazing player. Wow… these rewards just don’t stop, do they??
    Maximum 3 slots at a time.
  • $25 - 2.5 minute song sang by Sparnkomad
    Sparknomad lends you his voice once more to sing anything you desire for up to two minutes and thirty seconds. Keep him with you wherever you go in the form of a mighty tighty MP3!!  
  • Maximum 3 Slots at a time.
  • $50 - Collaborative story from Paradigm and Sparknomad
    Let them know what you want it to be about and then watch them dive into a world of fantasy to bring your ideas into reality. Ahhh, sounds dreamy doesn’t it? Up to 8 pages or 2000 words.
    Maximum 3 slots at a time.
  • $80 - Personal Acoustic Song Written by Sparknomad
    Work with Sparknomad personally to create a song about anything that your heart yearns to see manifested in reality. No tale is too deep so don’t be afraid to let your feelings loose with this collaboration! Max time is 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Acoustic song.
    Maximum 2 slots at a time.


As we reach certain milestones, everyone wins! The Monadorators have some side rewards planned to reward everyone for their generosity to the cause!

  • To be determined...