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by TrueSapphire, November 24, 2018
It has been a long time since this website’s debut, but all Shulk’s MU guides have been finished (at least to my minimum standards for some MUs). All Smash 4 MU guides will still be transferred into Ultimate, but they will have to be adjusted eventually. I want to quickly review how can one read these guides:
  • Bolded words are important tips for the Shulk player to know. They are either direct to the Shulk player or the opponent has a powerful tactic that can be used against Shulk.
  • Linked words are hyperlinks to another source. Unfortunately, there are not much hyperlinks as I wanted.
  • General Info
    • Quick Guide (only less than half of the MUs have this): This section contains the essential tips of the MU before a match, usually during a tournament. The remaining MU guides that do not have this sub-section are shorter than the guides that have this sub-section.
    • Neutral: This section contains general Monado Arts usage, Shulk’s general strategies, what the opponent could do in the neutral, and how Shulk can possibly counter the opponent’s neutral game. Some guides have a brief description of the opponent’s main playstyle, strengths and weaknesses.
    • (Shulk’s) Advantage
      • Juggling: The opponent is above Shulk.
      • Offstage: The opponent is trying to recover back to the stage. Shulk might jump off the ledge to edgeguard.
      • Ledge: The opponent is hanging onto the ledge.
      • Sometimes, there is a fourth sub-section that is about Shulk’s tech chasing, footstool, or anything that does not really belong in the other three sections.
    • (Shulk’s) Disadvantage
      • Juggling: Shulk is above the opponent.
      • Offstage: Shulk trying to get back to the stage. The opponent might jump off the ledge to edgeguard.
      • Ledge: Shulk is hanging onto the ledge.
      • Sometimes, there is a fourth sub-section that is about the opponent’s tech chasing, footstool, or anything that does not really belong in the other three sections.
    • Other Notes: Almost all guides have the following: potential secondaries or pockets that have a good MU against the opponent (in case the Shulk player cannot win with Shulk a lot), good and bad attributes of the opponent, trivial information that are not important to remember (but enough to be considered), and anything else that does not belong in any of the above sections.
    • Author: The person who complied and organized the guide. Sometimes, there can be more than one author. The first author is usually the one who built the base of the guide, and I am usually the one that expands it from Sources.
    • Source: Information that end up in the guide. Most of the information are verified. For the Shulk Discord, the names are ordered from left to right. The ones on the left are the people who provided excellent tips. Nevertheless, the names I listed in the Shulk Discord shared great tips.
  • How to DI: The opponent has a weight number. After that, I put down the important moves that a Shulk player should know. Finally, there is the throw section that came from a Smashboards guide by Showdow. However, I think this is the weakest section because I wanted to include all the important DIs in different scenarios. Most of the DI information are in the General Info, as well.
  • Stages
    • Note: Basic stage notes regarding the opponent.
    • Color: Green is my recommended stages for Shulk players to go, and red is the stage for the Shulk players to avoid. Regardless, Shulk should practice on all stages.
    • Starters, Counterpicks, and Ban/Strike: My recommended stage strike process after analyzing each stage. On rare occasions, there are two different routes: Shulk’s playstyle/strengths vs the opponent’s worst stages.
    • Opponent’s Best Stages: The top three best stages, objectively.
    • Opponent’s Worst Stages: the top three worst stages, objectively. For characters that have no bad stages, I put “Worst”. Personally, I think I should have five sections: great, good, neutral, bad, and worst.
    • Other Stages: The rest of the legal stage (aka Omegas) and past legal stage, which is just Duck Hunt. But sometimes, it may list 3DS stages like Yoshi’s Island.
  • Combos: While the combos are listed here, there are combos listed in the General Info.
  • (MU) Videos: Unfortunately, this is one of the things I regret. Most MU guides do not have videos listed due to a glitch. I have all the good Shulk vs opponent videos in my computer, but because of the glitch, my submitted videos would not show up in the MU guide.
This next section is my history on all the Smash 4 Shulk MUs I have personally completed ever since I decided to write MUs guides here back in March 2017.
  • 24 MUs are fully detailed and completed by me. It has taken a lot of time, work, and dedication for a high quality text guide. Due to this, I took a couple of hiatus because I did not organize a To-Do List to help me speed up the process.
    • My early MUs from 2017 to July 2018 were Rosalina and Luma, Little Mac, Fox, Greninja, Shulk (ditto), and Bayonetta. The biggest thing that bothered me when reviewing these guides was the Neutral section being a bit disorganized. There is some structure by listing the opponent’s movesets, however.
    • The next couple of characters were Ryu, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Captain Falcon, Mii Brawler, Mii Gunner, and Mii Swordfighter. Captain Falcon, in particular, was the hardest character to organize. It got to the point where I have to rethink of organizing the Neutral section.
    • Finally, the remaining characters are the ones I am mostly proud of, which are Corrin, Robin, Yoshi, Ike, Zelda, Pit, Dark Pit, Meta Knight, Pikachu, Dr. Mario, and Mario. When focusing on Corrin, I found a Smashboards guide that helped me understand how to structure the Neutral section. You will see “x main ways in neutral” to these characters. The Quick Guide section, however, are a bit iffy to me, but I decided to move along with it.
  • The remaining MUs are completed, but there are much less tips and have been shortened greatly. They serve strictly on what to expect in the MU on a basic level. The Stage Notes are the same because they are easy to complete. There are no Quick Guide sections on the top, and each sub section have much less bullet points. Before I was tasked on putting MUs in Shulk 101, I actually wrote my MU guides on my computer. I substituted them into Shulk 101 because I rather have some public information for the player to learn than having nothing. Since these MUs have to be done quick, I have to insert some of my tips on how I would personally handle the MU with years of experiences and learning. But I am afraid of missing vital tips (Smash Art edgeguarding against Yoshi’s heavy armor, Back Slash gimp against Ike’s Aether recovery, etc.), especially from players who play their character against Shulk because those players are much more qualified at knowing their character.
Reflecting on all this, I must confess something. For me, I think Ultimate came out too quickly, but don’t get me wrong. It is true that Ultimate is definitely superior to Smash 4, but I’m personally a bit disappointed that I was unable to have all MU guides be fully detailed to anyone wanting to learn something. I’m not the only one who thinks Ultimate came out too soon, so I’m not alone on this.
But I must emphasize this: I was simply one person who only complied, organized, and expanded all MU guides from various sources since 2016. It is rare for me to insert my own tips, and that is usually if there was something lacking. I cannot guarante some tips may be accurate as there are a lot of tips I never thought of. The only guide I’ve written completely from scratch was the Ganondorf guide because I had experience with Vermanubis, a notable Ganondorf main, in the past. The true MVPs are the Smash 4 community and the Shulk community that shared their information. If a person shared their tip within my circle (Shulk Discord, notable players, notable Youtube channels, etc), then there is a good chance their information made it in to the respective guide. Without those people, these guides would not have been possible. Again, under a MU guide, the names listed after “Source” are the ones who contributed to the guide a lot.
Special thanks to Scarhi and Nach who set up all the editable MU guides as a base for me to expand. Huge shoutout to GetShulked for his Monado Purge table I needed in Shulk’s advantage state. I also want to thank Ruben and Kurogane Hammer for the frame data and KO Calculator for the % and optimal DI.
But the biggest thanks of all is the Shulk community. All the MU information we gathered are now in one place, and I am proud to be part of the Shulk community. Thank you very much.
by TrueSapphire, June 16, 2018


Do you want to become a Shulk player? Are you feeling rusty and need a refresher? Do you want to learn how Shulk operates so that you can counter him? Izaw, a Link main who creates excellent character guides of Smash 4, has recently published the latest (and most likely the last) Shulk guide video.


For a long time, the past Shulk guide videos are either outdated or not comprehensive enough due to balance patches and the meta progressing forward. Although Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been recently announced with its release date (December 7th, 2018), do not dismiss this video guide because most of the information will still transfer to Ultimate. Big thanks to the following people below that helped Izaw in creating this video guide:

Tremendo Dude
Fume (listed as Just Some Guy)

Donators: Leon, Jiggles, Guillermocorlet, Agniratha, Monado Boy!, Lumistory Shulk, Awesam, Julian, Nelsen, and Samuel Shulman

by TrueSapphire, June 13, 2018


The upcoming 5th Smash game of the series is now officially called Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which will come out in December 7th, 2018. Many people wondered if Shulk will return or get replaced by Elma or even Rex and Pyra in the recent Xenoblade games. To everyone's surprise, Masahiro Sakurai has succeeded in putting every fighter in all Smash games to join in for the ultimate experience!

According to the two videos, Shulk can cycle through his Monado Arts as usual from Jump, Speed, Shield, Buster, and Smash in order. In Ultimate, Shulk can directly choose a specific Monado Art by pressing the Neutral Special and a quick directional tilt (Jump top left, Speed bottom left, Shield bottom right, Buster top right, and Smash above). It also appears the cooldown to activate a Monado Art in this fashion is drastically reduced. Normally, in the video above, Shulk could not have say Jump Art, jump up, immediately cycle to Smash Art, and Air Slash because it requires more button presses and a slightly longer activation of a new Monado Art. It also appears that Shulk can almost immediately switch to a new Art, while having his current active Art, without the need to deactivate. With this new change, this is very useful to quickly choose more Monado Arts in situations that would normally not be possible in the previous game. Here is a list of some of the theories and speculations that the Shulk Discord community come up with (some can be changed before the final product of the game since Nintendo is listening to feedback):

  • General
    • Characters are more rewarded for aggressive plays than defensive plays. Once a character gets the advantage, they can continue the pressure.
      • Shulk players that are known for their aggressive plays in history (based on Profile Cards): M (+10), Artryuu (+10), Darkwolf (+9), GetShulked (+9), Catalyst (+8), Xmas (+8), Kome (+7), Kurage (+7), Tru4 (+7), Scarhi (+7), Jerm (+6), TrueSapphire (3DS), etc.
      • In 1v1, damage dealt is increased. While Buster Art can inflict even more damage, Shulk will take even more damage in Jump and Buster Art. Shield Art can reduce the increased damage dealt.
    • In Ultimate, Perfect Shielding (releasing the shield button just as your opponent's attack connects to your shield) can allow Shulk to punish back more easily. However, assuming his poor frame data stays relatively the same, this is worse for Shulk because he is one of the easiest characters to Perfect Shield against.
    • The landing lag of all characters seem to be overall reduced. This is a great buff for Shulk who is known to land with landing lag in matches.
    • Running allows characters to travel faster in the air. Unfortunately, this makes bad matchups like Diddy and Sheik harder because our reaction time is reduced. This will mean that Shulk will struggle in the Neutral even more against aggressive plays. He will have to respect his opponents and be more grounded.
      • Characters cannot run past someone's shield for a pivot grab mixup or other attacks. Confirmed as a bug.
    • Perfect Pivoting is gone. No more of Speed Art Perfect Pivots.
    • Air dodges and recoveries seem to be nerfed, which benefits Shulk because he is a great at edgeguarding. When he edgeguards with Fairs, even if the oppoenent does a non directional air dodge, they can no longer air dodge again and will most likely get hit to refresh their air dodge. Of course, Shulk is also suspectible if he is in the disadvantage due to his linear recovery (unless he uses Jump Art)
      • How air dodges work in Ultimate:
        • Only 1 air dodge. If hit, you can air dodge again.
        • Non directional air dodge = can attack/jump
        • Directional air dodge = very laggy
      • Juggling becomes easier, especially with Utilt or even Speed Art Dash Utilt. Since a dash can be cancelled for an attack, Shulk gets a buff of covering the ground much easier while juggling with Speed Art Utilts or Dtilts (or a surprise Smash Art Air Slash). Dash Attack is still present, but to input them is a tiny bit different.
    • The blastzones is overall extended (which can be seen when the radar pops up at the corner). Despite the buffed knockback (think of it as hitting a balloon), it will require more percentages (and Rage) to kill.
    • Characters can tech footstools to avoid footstool combos.
  • Shulk Specific
    • Specials
      • With the directional input of the Monado Arts, we are considering the name Dial(ing). Other possible names are select(ing), scroll(ing), Art Palette, Art Wheel, etc.
      • Due to the Monado Arts' Activation Timer being reduced (~21F instead of 45F), our timing and muscle memory will be slightly off, but we can quickly adjust to it.
        • Intagibility Frames is most likely present (or at least will be in the final version) due to the quick flash, and Shulk can act with another action (like Air Slash).
        • Art Cycle -> directional air dodge towards the floor -> Art activation cancelling air dodge lag.
      • The timer of a Monado Art can be seen in the Dial method (could be how much time the Art is active or is in cooldown). We can assume the timer will also be seen on Shulk's portrait instead of the Monado Art flashing quickly.
      • MALLC might still be in while the Dialing method can be used for general use. Dialing is faster, but it has startup lag while cycling has no startup lag.
        • If offstage, cycling might be preferred instead of Dialing to avoid a Back Slash SD.
      • Buffered Deactivation is much easier without the excessive button presses. Buster Art Nair -> angled up Fsmash or Dial Smash Art angled up Fsmash.
      • Since characters can input an attack to cancel their dash, Monado Arts Run Cancel (MARC) may no longer be needed.
      • Dialing Monado Arts can help when Shulk is in a combo. Shield Art to quickly reduce the damage and knockback or Smash Art to escape combos easier.
        • Dialing Shield Art allows Shulk to live longer as opposed to switching to Shield Art, getting knocked off too far into the blastzone, and Shield Art activating too late.
      • Buster Art + increased damage output and shield damage/pressure in 1v1 gets a big buff. May be possible to get the opponent over 100% in around 5 moves.
      • Back Slash's startup is F20-21 instead of F22.
      • Air Slash's second slash seems to connect much lower than usual.
    • Moves
      • Nair's startup is F12 instead of F13? A tiny bit better Barrier Nair when edgeguarding at the ledge, but still not lower than F10, meaning Shulk still does not have a combo breaker move.
      • Dair's beam is longer (still unknown whether it will have a proper hitbox like Cloud's Dair)
    • Potential Combos/Strings/Reads (Note: Due to the increased knockback and Rage, it is more difficult to combo because they fly very far upon being hit):
      • Jump Art Utilt -> DJ Dial Smash Art Uair read.
      • For the Monado Purge, it may be possible to Jump Art Uthrow -> Dial Smash Art Uair/Air Slash read kill.
      • Speed/Buster combos -> Dial Smash Art kill (Fsmash, Air Slash, sweetspot Bair, Fair, etc).
  • Others
    • Snake's C4 + Vision Slide doubles strategy (assuming Vision Sliding still remains, but we are doubtful Vision Sliding will remain).
    • Inkling's Ink + Buster Art doubles strategy
    • Shadow Eye might get patched

Further theories will be in Shulk's Smashboard forum (Ultimate), Tremendo Dude's Twitch, the Shulk Discord, and various sources in the Smash community.

Fiora in her Mecha form is also added into Shulk's Final Smash, possibly for more damage dealt. Although her Mecha form is supposed to be spoilers, it appears that the general consensus of her outfit is no longer a spoiler since Xenoblade Chronicles is eight years old (in Japan's release date). This can be compared to Sheik being Zelda in Ocarina of Time. However, the reason why she is in that form and beyond that should still be considered spoilers to respect those who still have not played Xenoblade Chronicles.

In regards to Shulk content in Ultimate, this website will include them. Our website developer, Napon, has officially started working on ways to separate Smash 4 content and Ultimate content. As for the Shulk Discord, some people speculated what will happen to it. For now, the moderators have decided to put the Ultimate metagame channel group, meaning you can still join the Shulk Discord for Smash 4 and Ultimate.

Official Smash Bros Ultimate website and news update:
Shulk's official page and images:
Shulk's Smashboard forum (Ultimate):
Breakdown of Ultimate's mechanics (demo version):
Tremendo Dude's Analysis on Shulk Ultimate:
ZeRo's Thoughts and Impressions on Ultimate:

by TrueSapphire, April 22, 2018

With the end of the Switchfest event centering Shulk, it is time to highlight the Shulk players. Note that the information below may not be entirely accurate.
23 entrants
Place Shulk Player & Partner Notable Wins Lost to Eliminated By
7th tie
jaredisking1 (Shulk)
SilentRain (Mario)
Tru4’s Shulk
Sriks’ Shulk
Samsora’s Peach
Cosmos’s Corrin
Samsora’s Peach
Cosmos’s Corrin
Shuton’s Olimar
Raito’s Duck Hunt
9th tie
M (Shulk)
Scarhi (Shulk)
Candy’s Fox
ShiNe’s Lucas
Abadango’s Bayonetta
Kameme’s Mega Man
Larry Lurr’s Fox
Light’s Fox
17th tie
Paradigm (Shulk)
Erico (Shulk)
RvRproduct’s Pikachu
Ghost’s Fox
HPAzu’s Marth/Lucina
Arkistor’s Corrin
Masonomace (Shulk)
D’Angelo (Shulk)
M’s Shulk
Scarhi’s Shulk
Aarvark’s Villager
Eon’s Fox
Dobiwan (Shulk)
Vermillion's Cloud
Lui$'s Mario
M’s Shulk
Scarhi’s Shulk
Tru4 (Shulk)
Sriks (Shulk)
jaredisking1’s Shulk
SilentRain’s Mario
KiraFlax’s Dark Pit
K9sbruce’s Diddy Kong


  • Fusion (Shulk) and BBW (Diddy Kong). BBW canceled Doubles.
162 entrants
Top 32 = Made it out of pools
Place Shulk Player Notable Wins Lost To Eliminated By
17th tie Nicko The Guest's Diddy Kong (2-1) Abadango's Bayonetta (1-2) Cosmos's Corrin (0-3)
Lui$'s Mario (3-2)
25th tie Sriks (co-mains Luigi) M's Shulk (Note: Sriks only used Shulk in pools until he fought M) RvRproduct's Pikachu (1-2) Xzax's Fox (1-3) (Note: Sriks used Luigi)
33rd tie Scarhi MoMo's Shulk (2-1) ShiNe's Lucas (1-2) Xzax's Fox (0-2)
M KiraFlax's Pit (2-1) MkLeo's Marth (0-2) Sriks' Luigi (1-2)
Masonomace pu55yk1ng's Little Mac (2-0) Dynomyte's Yoshi (0-2) TLTC's Palutena (0-2)
49th tie MoMo   SilentRain's Mario (0-2) Scarhi's Shulk (1-2)
jaredisking1 Dynomyte's Yoshi (2-1) SpearMint's Diddy Kong (1-2) Z's Pikachu (1-2)
Tremendo Dude   AC's Meta Knight (0-2) Mago_FFF's Bowser (0-2)
65th tie Dobiwan   Komirikiri's Sonic (0-2) DANK's Ganondorf
Sandfall   K0rean's Fox (1-2) Keitaro's Falco (0-2)
D'Angelo   PiXL's Ryu (0-2) SoCalGohan's Mario (1-2)
Erico   Keitaro's Falco (1-2) K0rean's Fox (0-2)
Tru4   K9sbruce's Sheik (0-2) BlueTitanz's Greninja (0-2)
Minolis   Aarvark's Villager (0-2) Z's Pikachu (0-2)
97th tie Soulflee   ShiNe's Lucas (0-2) Stitch's Ryu (0-2)
CaiusRed (co-mains Cloud)   Shuton's Olimar (0-2) (Note: CaiusRed used Cloud) jaredisking1's Shulk (0-2)
Wildstar7   Vermillion's Cloud (0-2) TomaHawk's Mario/Bowser (1-2)
Fusion (co-mains Sheik)   AC's Meta Knight (0-2) SLEP's Samus (0-2)
129th tie Paradigm   Arkistor's Corrin (0-2) DANK's Ganondorf (0-2)


  • C#
70 entrants
Top 16 = Made it out of pools
Place Player Eliminated by
1st Kameme  
2nd Shuton Kameme
3rd tie Nairo Kameme
Komorikiri Shuton
5th tie MoMo Shuton
Erico Kameme
Light Nairo
Fusion Komorikiri
9th tie ramo Shuton
Virum MoMo
jaredisking1 Kameme
Soulflee Erico
CaiusRed Light
Paradigm Nairo
Masonomace Komorikiri
Sandfall Fusion
Shulk RR Results
7 entrants
Place Player Losses
1st Nicko  
2nd Tremendo Dude Sriks
3rd Tru4 Tremendo Dude
4th Sriks Tru4
5th Kameme Nicko
Tremendo Dude
6th M Kameme
Tremendo Dude
7th Scarhi Tremendo Dude


  • M against Kameme.
by TrueSapphire, March 31, 2018
The 2GGaming has announced an event that mainly focuses the competitive games on the Nintendo Switch on April 21st-22nd (more details here). One side event is the Smash Bros. Wii U singles tournament, which has its own theme that focuses on Shulk and the Round Robin. However, there were a few problems the organizers and 2GGaming encountered. The Shulk Discord and I are able to clarify the following problems:
  • This was originally intended to be a Monado Saga, but Kome (the current best Shulk player in the world) is unable to attend due to work conflicts. Though the plans changed midway due to this, the 2GGaming decided to still include a Shulk-themed Smash side event (although it is not considered a true saga like in the past).
  • All 2GGaming events were booked, thus making April 21st-22nd the only dates for the Shulk event. This only gives people one month to prepare.
With that out of the way, I want to list the notable Shulk players in regards to this event, along with the tags of their skill level below.
[RR]: Already qualified for the Shulk Round Robin event. 
[Top]: Shulk players with excellent placements and results. Considered as the best Shulk players in the world.
[Notable]: Shulk players with great understanding of playing Shulk and/or has some reputation, but lack results compared to the top.
[Top Player Threat?]: Non-Shulk users, but have top fundamentals that may be a threat.
Note: May not be a completely accurate list.
  • Mains
    • [RR] [Top]
    • Nicko [RR] [Top]
    • Tremendo Dude [RR] [Top]
    • Tru4 [RR] [Top]
    • Scarhi [RR] [Notable]
    • Sriks [RR] [Notable]
    • Erico [Notable as the co-founder of the Shulk Discord and contributor of the Shulk meta; Shulk RR commentary]
    • jaredisking1 [Notable]
    • Masonomace [Notable as a contributor of the Shulk meta]
    • MoMo [Notable]
    • Paradigm [Notable as the co-founder of the Shulk Discord and contributor of the Shulk meta; Shulk RR commentary]
    • Sandfall [Notable as a contributor to the Shulk meta]
    • Soronie [Notable; only in the RR event]
    • C#
    • CaiusRed
    • D'Angelo
    • Dobiwan
    • Fusion
    • Minolis
    • Soulflee
    • Wildstar7
  • Non-Mains
    • Shuton (secondary; trained by Kome) [Notable] [Top Player Threat?]
    • AC [Top Player Threat?]
    • Kameme [Top Player Threat?]
    • Komorikiri (trained by Kome) [Top Player Threat?]
    • Light [Top Player Threat?]
    • Nairo [Top Player Threat?]
    • pu55yk1ng
    • KiraFlax
  • Others
    • Austy (Shulk main; commentary)
    • Virum (former Shulk main; commentary)
  • Doubles with a Shulk Player
    • Dobiwan and WIldstar (both Shulk players)
    • Masonomace and D'Angelo (both Shulk players)
    • Paradigm and Erico (both Shulk players)
    • Scarhi and M (both Shulk players)
    • Fusion (Shulk) and BBW
    • jaredisking1 (Shulk) and SilentRain
Unable to Attend
  • Mains
    • Darkwolf (has work) [Top]
    • FuerzaDON (unable to get his visa in time) [Top]
    • Kome (has work) [Top]
    • Aarrow (unknown) [Notable]
    • Artryuu (retired) [Notable]
    • Bonren (unknown) [Notable]
    • Brownie (unknown) [Notable]
    • Catalyst (various reasons, but he transferred the funds to Tremendo Dude) [Notable]
    • CrownAether [Notable]
    • Coyors (unknown) [Notable]
    • Derek (funded, but his parents forbid him to go) [Notable]
    • Dragonbrain [Notable online]
    • Franknbean (unknown) [Notable]
    • Fredzero (traveling is a pain) [Notable]
    • GetShulked (retired in singles due to college finals and the Smash for Switch announcement invalidating his long-term Smash 4 goals) [Notable]
    • HopefulHero [Notable]
    • Jerm (unknown) [Notable]
    • Kurage [Notable]
    • Melon (unknown) [Notable]
    • Pariston (unknown) [Notable on 3DS]
    • PrimeX (unknown) [Notable on 3DS]
    • SoulArts (unknown) [Notable]
    • Tatsu (unknown) [Notable]
    • TrueSapphire (various reasons) [Notable on 3DS]
    • Valak [Notable as an active member of the Shulk Discord and helped the 2GGaming to organize this event]
    • A Bloody Canadian (unknown)
    • Chosen (impossible to join)
    • CoachBash (from Germany)
    • Uzair (unknown)
  • Non-Mains
    • 9B (former Shulk main) [Top Player Threat?]
    • MkLeo (did not register)  [Top Player Threat?]
    • Trela (former Shulk main)   [Top Player Threat?]
    • ZeRo (retired) [Top Player Threat?]
    • Masha (former Shulk main)
    • Xmas (former Shulk main)
Lastly, the Shulk ditto notes has nearly all the information you need, regardless of your skill level.